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Heidi Mumenthaler creates her paintings out of spontaneous gestures, her figures
emerge in a scenic self talk in which the artist reflects both usual and unusual encounters.
First her distiguished wild brushstrokes and splashes of acrylic paint cover the bare

In breakneck speed colours and structures change and provide the underground
for the grotesque figures in clear black contours. Often inspired by theatre plays she
invents a unique world of creatures whose monologues continue in the head of the viewer.

Heidi Mumenthaler

Born 1963 in Basel (Switzerland) the artist is trained as screenprinter and studies acting at Mozarteum in Salzburg (Austria).

After her contribution in various theatre productions she focusses on painting since 1992, her works were shown in various solo and group exhibitions.

For theatre productions she creates sketches for programmes.

Live on stage, schauspiel hannover, germany.